Instructions for participants


If you are booked to attend the event in any capacity, please download the joining instructions below.

EHF2014 Delegate Joining Instructions

Session Chairs

A member of the secretariat will be present for the duration of your session and they are there to assist you in your capacity as Chair. The main points to note are as follows:

Make yourself known to the speakers in your session before the session starts.
There may be conference notices which you will be asked to give to delegates before or after the session.
Welcome and introduce each of the speakers and their paper before their presentation.
Prompt speakers who are quiet to speak more loudly.
Each speaker has been allocated a maximum of 20 minutes for their presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions. The total time for each speaker should not exceed the 30 minutes allocated in the programme.
Please make sure that your speakers do not run over time, as delegates may wish to move between sessions. To assist with the timekeeping there will be a ’5 minute’, ’2 minute’ and ‘Finish now’ sign shown to the speaker by the secretariat.
During questions, please ask each questioner to give their name and affiliation. If the questioner has a quiet voice, either repeat the question so that all can hear it, or ask the questioner to speak up.
During questions, if nobody else is forthcoming with a question, you are encouraged to ask one.
Thank each speaker at the end of their presentation, and again (and the audience) at the end of the session.

Oral presenters

You will need to prepare a Powerpoint presentation for your session. You will have 20 minutes for the talk, 5 minutes or so for Q&A and the rest for introductions and changing over of speakers. It is important for the smooth running of the conference that you do not overrun and it is essential that you observe the 5 minute and 2 minute to go signs when displayed by the secretariat, and obey the Finish Now sign when it is shown; it is better to end a little early than late.

You should be in your designated session room at least five minutes before your presentation starts and make yourself known to the secretariat and session chair.

Make sure your Powerpoint presentation is clear and concise. Less is definitely more, and the audience will remember a few key images and statements more than a jumble of hard to read text and complicated diagrams. Delegates will have come to listen to your presentation not to try to make sense of your slides. Make it easy for them by putting together a simple but impactful presentation. For ideas, visit this collection of 10 slideshows. When you have prepared your presentation, upload it using our EHF2014 presentation submission form. You must do this by 28th March 2014 in order for us to prepare for your session.

Workshop presenters

Please check the time and place of your workshop listed in the current programme. Please arrive at your designated session room at least five minutes before the session is due to start. In every session room there will be a screen, laptop, data projector, and flipchart. If you need anything else please let us know beforehand, and if you need the room rearranged for group work.

If you have a Powerpoint presentation to show, please bring it with you on a memory stick so that we can transfer it to the session laptop well ahead of time. Workshops do not have a member of the secretariat allocated to them but if you need assistance please ask.

Please remember that your workshop session should be interactive with participants being able to take part in discussion or debate, and learn something new. Please make sure you start with an introduction to explain the purpose of your workshop, and finish with a round‐up of what has been discussed and learnt.

Poster presenters
If your poster is accepted, you will need to prepare your presentation slides to take part in the ‘Just a Minute’ session. This is where you get exactly one minute to speak to try and persuade delegates to come and see your poster and talk about your work. You will need to prepare two slides to a set Powerpoint template that you must download now. You will then need to use our online form to send us your slides by 28th March 2014.

Your poster must be prepared to A1 paper size (841mm x 594mm) in portrait orientation and brought with you to the conference, where you should hand it in to the Secretariat. It should effectively communicate your research or work visually, and should not simply reproduce your written work at poster size. Use a statement, photograph or diagram as a focal point. Your poster should provide a clear flow of information from introduction to conclusion. Focus on major findings and don’t try to include everything you know, people won’t remember it all so concentrate on the major points. If they want to know more, you can tell them. For more advice on poster design, visit

You must also register and pay to attend the conference on or before 28th March 2014. If you do not register on or before this date you will not be able to show your work. Register now.